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A guide for how to choose and use the best grow lights, featuring a photo of 'King' Anthurium Vietchii growing under grow lights indoors

Let There Be Light: Maximizing Indoor Plant Growth with the Right Grow Lights

Our guide covers everything you need to know about choosing and using grow lights for your houseplants and seedlings, including setting a schedule, providing ventilation, using reflectors, and monitoring your plants for optimal growth.
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How to Identify Issues with Houseplants

How to Identify Issues with Houseplants

Use this checklist as a guide to help you identify symptoms and take the appropriate steps to treat and prevent issues.
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Sustainable and biodegradable packaging to ship plants in cold weather

How do you ship tropical plants in the winter?

We get a lot of questions about how we ship our plants during the cold winter months. We'll show you how we protect your plants from damaging cold, and what to expect when your plant arrives.
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Halloween Houseplants

Best Spooky Houseplants for Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing two of our spookiest philodendrons! Decorating with live plants definitely brightens up any room!
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Fall Houseplant Checklist, Dark Lord Philodendron

Getting Houseplants Ready for Fall

Days are getting shorter, mornings are feeling crisper, and the trees are showing a little bit of color. Use this seasonal checklist to help you prepare your houseplants for fall:
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Moss pole for plants tutorial, how to make a homemade moss pole

How to Make a Moss Pole for Houseplants (Step-by-Step)

Hopefully this tutorial makes creating your own moss pole a fun and easy project. Your plants will thank you, and you'll love their healthy growth!
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Variegated Burle Marx Philodendron

All About Variegation in Houseplants

Variegated plants are always in high-demand, and it’s easy to see why! We will help you make better buying decisions and show you how to take care of variegated plants.
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Houseplants styled on a shelf

Indoor Plant Care Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

Incorporating plants into your home can be one of the easiest ways to bring life to your space.
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Discover the top 12 low-light indoor houseplants for your home. These easy-to-care-for plants are perfect for any low-light environment and will add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

12 Best Low Light Houseplants

There are plenty of beautiful, interesting, low light houseplants that will thrive in dim lighting. We’ll show you some of our favorites!
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What's That White Stuff On My Terra-Cotta Pot?

What's The White Stuff On My Terra-Cotta Pots?

Learn how to remove the white residue from Terra-Cotta pots with our easy guide! Prevent mineral buildup and keep your plants healthy. #gardeningtips #plantcare
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