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Best Spooky Houseplants for Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing two of our spookiest philodendrons! Decorating with live plants means you can keep them displayed all year long, and both of these unique varieties make scary beautiful additions to any rare plant collection.


Philodendron 'Dark Lord'

Dark Lord Philodendron plant for Halloween

The 'Dark Lord' is one of the darkest-leaved philodendrons out there! The new leaves start orange, then turn blood-red, which they retain on the underside while the top turns almost-black. They are easy to care for and grow fast, making them perfect for creating a lush jungle in your home.

With a spooky name and dark foliage, the 'Dark Lord' gives off major goth vibes, perfect for decorating your haunted house for Halloween! It is also a must-have collectors item for anyone who collects black plants.

Philodendron Dark Lord houseplant

Shop 'Dark Lord' Philodendron

Shop 'Dark Lord' Philodendron on Etsy

Philodendron 'Florida Mint Ghost'

Florida Mint Ghost Philodendron houseplant for Halloween

The 'Florida Mint Ghost' is a philodendron with lobed leaves that look like ghosts! It is similar to the 'Florida Ghost' but features a rare mint-green coloration on the variegated leaves, making it a highly sought-after rare houseplant. They grow in a somewhat-compact fashion, so they tend to be low-maintenance.

The ghost-shaped leaves make the 'Florida Mint Ghost' philodendron a fun and unique Halloween decoration. Place one next to the punch bowl for a spooky conversation starter!

Shop 'Florida Mint Ghost' Philodendron

Shop 'Florida Mint Ghost' Philodendron on Etsy


Let us know what your favorite spooky houseplants are!

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