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hydroponic information and supplies from Hgs Hydro

Sustainable Agriculture: Environmental Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems are the future of gardening. Here's how
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Actual Botanical reviews the Chickozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Unlocking the Secret to Hassle-Free Poultry: The Ultimate Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Discover the game-changer in chicken keeping: the Chickozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Enhance safety and enjoy convenience. Read our in-depth review.
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13 tips to maximize your garden harvest

From Seed to Feast: Maximizing Your Garden's Yield

Boost your garden's bounty! Dive into tried-and-true strategies for optimal maintenance, watering, and care this summer to ensuring a plentiful harvest.
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A close-up photo of a Monstera deliciosa leaf with prominent split lobes and deep green coloration.

Ultimate Monstera Guide: Uncovering Rare Species, Eye-Catching Variegations, and Expert Care Tips for Thriving Plants

This blog post explores the diverse world of Monstera plants, covering common and rare species, variegation types, and the importance of using supports for optimal growth. Learn how to grow and care for these captivating tropical plants in your own home.

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USDA Plant Hardiness Growing Zones Map of US

The First Step in Planning a Garden: Getting to Know Your Garden

Learn how to understand your garden's unique characteristics such as climate, USDA zones, season length, and soil types to create a thriving and sustainable garden tailored to your environment.
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A guide for how to choose and use the best grow lights, featuring a photo of 'King' Anthurium Vietchii growing under grow lights indoors

Let There Be Light: Maximizing Indoor Plant Growth with the Right Grow Lights

Our guide covers everything you need to know about choosing and using grow lights for your houseplants and seedlings, including setting a schedule, providing ventilation, using reflectors, and monitoring your plants for optimal growth.
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Halloween Houseplants

Best Spooky Houseplants for Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing two of our spookiest philodendrons! Decorating with live plants definitely brightens up any room!
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Moss pole for plants tutorial, how to make a homemade moss pole

How to Make a Moss Pole for Houseplants (Step-by-Step)

Hopefully this tutorial makes creating your own moss pole a fun and easy project. Your plants will thank you, and you'll love their healthy growth!
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Houseplants styled on a shelf

Indoor Plant Care Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

Incorporating plants into your home can be one of the easiest ways to bring life to your space.
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Balcony Garden Before-and-Afters!

Balcony Garden Before-and-Afters!

We started with a cement balcony and we wanted to green up our living space. We'll show you how we did it.
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How To Grow Ginger In A Container Indoors

Spice Up Your Space: A Guide to Growing Fresh Ginger at Home

Growing your own ginger is a fun and rewarding experience. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to grow your own ginger and enjoy the scent and flavor of this tropical herb in your own home.
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21+ Edible, Ornamental Container Garden Plants for Balcony Gardens

The Best Edible Container Plants to Grow this Summer

Often times, we think of edible garden plants and ornamental plants as if they were in entirely different categories, but as you'll see below, it doesn't have to be this way!
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