Philodendron Black Majesty

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Philodendron Black Majesty

*Photos are examples of what our current stock looks like. The plant you will receive will be similar. The first photo is one of our mother plants.

Philodendron Black Majesty is a rarer and darker variant than the Dark Lord philodendron and Bloody Mary. Making this a must have! The Black Majesty and Bloody Mary are different cultivars. Which is why they sometimes get called the same. Its growth is a vining type, so a moss pole is recommended. The leaves are a beautiful dark maroon color with deep red stems and roots! Its leaves start off a rich burgundy before changing to blood red then transforming into a dark rich black with a glossy appearance. Sometimes, they can appear all black.


Quick Care Tips: 

Light: Bright-indirect. The more light it receives the dark the leaves become. 

Water: Keep soil moist but not soggy. Can tolerate slight periods of drying out. 

Soil: Any soil works fine. Make sure it has perlite or coco coir chips for added aeration. 

Fertilizer: Use an organic water soluble fertilizer as they contain less salts that can burn the roots over time.