Live Rare Zapotec Jalapeño Plant Starters

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Zapotec Jalapeño

*Photos are an example of what our starters currently look like. You will receive 1 Zapotec Jalapeño Pepper Plant. Size varies 3-5 inches in height. We grow very limited amounts! Get them while you can as they go fast.

Grown organically from NON-GMO seeds in our greenhouse. We use organic fertilizer and natural pest control methods.

An ancient and historic Jalapeño from Oaxaca Mexico! Said to be from the Aztec era, this is a delicious Jalapeño packed with flavor and history. The seeds where first obtained by Beth Boyd aka the Chile Queen, who traveled all over the world collecting hot peppers. This Jalapeño is favored over others due to its superior flavor and spice.
The flavor is sweet, hot and smoky, making this ideal for salsas and Jalapeño poppers. The fruit start out green, then ripening to a rich red with cracking lines that go vertical on the pepper. It's at the high end of spicy for this type of pepper and some say hotter. Our favorite one we grow!
They grow 1-3 inch fruits and grow 2-3 feet tall.

Not frost tolerant but can be overwintered. Some say they are a little harder to overwinter than other varieties. Transplant into container or garden once danger of frost has passed.

70-80 days to maturity. Peppers turn red with cracking once they ripen.