Live Stavros Pepperoncini (Greek) Pepper Plant Starters

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Stavros Greek Pepperoncini

*Photos are an example of what our starters currently look like. You will receive 1 Stavros Pepper Plant. Size varies 3-5 inches in height. These were hard to source and we finally have some available! We have a very limited supply of these this year. Get them while you can!

Grown organically from NON-GMO seeds in our greenhouse. We use organic fertilizer and natural pest control methods.

The OG and best tasting variety of Pepperoncini on the market today. This Pepperoncini has thinner, more tender walls than the more common Italian Pepperoncini, and is less bitter. Perfect for pickling!

They produce 2-4 inch long fruits with over 10-30 pounds of peppers per plant with the right care! The plant grows 1-2 feet tall. They start out green-yellow and mature to red. The spice is 100 - 500 Scoville heats units.

Not frost tolerant but can be overwintered. Transplant into container or garden once danger of frost has passed. Does tolerate cooler weather than most hot peppers.

70-75 days to maturity.