Live Chinese Lantern Plant Starter

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Chinese Lantern

*Photos are an example of what our starters currently look like. You will receive 1 Chinese Lantern Plant. Size varies 3-5 inches in height.

Grown organically from NON-GMO seeds in our greenhouse. We use organic fertilizer and natural pest control methods.

A fast growing inedible perennial ornamental, the Chinese Lantern is a beautiful show stopper for any garden or table arrangement. This even makes a fantastic craft for you and the kids. This plant is indigenous from southeastern Europe to Japan. They are named for their red fruit and dry husks that do indeed resemble Chinese lanterns. Enjoyed for centuries as a dried arrangement and just as beautiful growing on the plant. There are plenty of crafting opportunities with this beauty!

These grow quick and can be invasive if not planted in a contained garden bed or pot. These do make fantastic container plants!

They can self-sow after the season, so make sure to collect any fallen fruits at the end of the season if you don't want them to reseed. They also spread by rhizomes. So making sure to keep the roots in check is a must.
We recommend growing them in a 8" containers for easy controlled growing if you have limited growing space, however these will do fantastic in garden bed. Just make sure to be aware of their aggressive growth in summer.

Harvest the husks when they turn bright orange and dry them in a cool dark place for a few weeks. Then they are ready to be used in any craft. If you want a little spooky decoration, let the husk mature and dry out on the plant when the veining and orange fruit are left. It will be skeleton like! Great for halloween! #boo

Not frost tolerant, but can tolerate cold. Transplant or place container outside after danger of frost has passed. Ours have overwintered in -5 degrees in an unheated garage and still alive! They are very resilient. They overwinter to a zone 3.

60-65 days to maturity.