Live Chinese 5 Color Pepper Plant Starter

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Chinese Lantern 


*Photos are an example of what our starters currently look like. You will receive 1 Chinese 5 Color Pepper Plant. Size varies 4-6 inches in height.

Grown organically from NON-GMO seeds in our greenhouse. We use organic fertilizer and natural pest control methods.

A beautiful edible ornamental for spice-lovers! These grow fantastically in containers or the garden. A delightful addition to any salsa or spicy dish!

They produce 1 inch long fruits with over 100 per plant with the right care. The colors change from purple, cream, yellow, orange then finally to red. They gain more heat with each color. Even as an ornamental plant, they are edible with a spicy (30,000 to 50,000) Scoville heat units. They can grow up to 4 feet making a beautiful addition to any garden and very productive.

Not frost tolerant but can be overwintered. Transplant into container or garden once danger of frost has passed.

85 days to maturity. Peppers turn red once they are ripe.