Live Buena Mulata Pepper Plant Starter

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Buena Mulata 

*Photos are an example of what our starters currently look like. You will receive 1 Buena Mulata Pepper Plant. Size varies 4-5 inches height.

Grown organically from NON-GMO seeds in our greenhouse. We use organic fertilizer and natural pest control methods.

A beautiful cayenne-like heirloom pepper for the spice-lovers! Not only are these edible, but a gorgeous ornamental. The flowers are a purple-white before fruiting their iconic chilies. These grow fantastically in containers or the garden.

Some call it a Chameleon pepper due to the fact that their color and flavor change as they mature. The fruit start off as a greenish yellow, then quickly turn into a bright violet purple. As they mature and ripen, the chilies turn orange, and then a deep red! The fruit can grow 3-5 inches long and the plant can grow 3-4 feet tall.

Buena Mulata peppers provide a comparable amount of heat to the cayenne (30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units). Not bad!
The flavor changes with color, so the early, immature purple chilies can be picked and their flavor is very veggie-like and grassy. Almost like a green bell pepper. As they mature to red, the flavor morphs into a sweet smoky taste. Either way we love the flavor at every stage!

Not frost tolerant but can be overwintered. Transplant into container or garden once danger of frost has passed. Perennial.

60-80 days to maturity. Peppers turn red once they are fully ripe, but can be picked once they are purple.