We are offering something new and exclusive at Actual Botanical called Imported Pre-Order. We have partnered with a small plant nursery in Indonesia where we work together to bring rare and new plants without the need to import your own. The plants will arrive at our nursery where we ship it to you. We will still offer plants on our Etsy and on our website, while offering an extension of our business that allows you the ability to order specific plants that we don’t currently have in stock. The plants that can be pre-ordered will be at a set price and shipping is $20 regardless of the size of your order. No extra fees. We are a fully licensed nursery that can import plants from all over the world!
Please note that delivery times vary from 3-4 weeks for any eligible pre-ordered plant.
For more more in depth information on the process checkout our How it works page and FAQ to help answer any questions you may have. If you have any further questions contact us directly at
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