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Dieffenbachia "Memoria Corsii" Care Guide

Dieffenbachia "Memoria Corsii" Dumb Cane care guide

Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Memoria Corsii houseplant with large leaves


The Memoria Corsii is by far one of the most colorful 

Dieffenbachias and a favorite in the hobby. Often called the Tricolor Dumb Cane, this medium sized plant does fantastic in a corner and great in apartments! They can reach up to 4 ft tall and 3 ft wide when fully grown, so they require a bit of room for growing. They are relatively fast growing given the right care. This variety needs a little more light then the other Dieffenbachias we found in our opinion. The Memoria Corsii is quit a show stopper and a treat to have in anyones collection! 


These prefer bright indirect lighting, but will accept full shade. Never expose them to Bright Direct light as these will scorch the leaves and damaging the plant. Don't forget to rotate the plant regularly so the plant can grow evenly. 


Keep the soil moist but never wet or soggy. You can allow them to dry out in-between waterings as we find that they prefer to let you know when they need water (leaves begin to sightly droop). It is easy to overwater Dumb Canes, but a weekly watering is sufficient. 


Just about any commercial soil will do, but a soilless mixture can work just as well, if not better as you can tailor to the specific needs of the Dieffenbachia. Try to avoid mixtures that contain sand or made specifically for Orchids as these dry out way to fast and don't provide the proper environment for the Dieffenbachias root system to grow properly. Fun Fact: these can actually be grown hydroponically or in a glass vase with water. 


These don't require a lot of fertilizer as it can cause their roots to burn and leaves drooping. Using a commercial water-soluble all purpose fertilizer 1x a month is generally all they require. Foliar feeding is also a great idea. 


Keep these in a range from 60-75 degrees. Anywhere in-between is preferred. Anything lower than 60 or higher than 80 degrees can cause the plant to stress and stunt its growth. 


In general, normal room humidity is fine as they quickly adapt to their environment. We find that a daily misting 1x-2x a day shows best results, especially when they are producing new leaves. The misting helps keep the tips of the leaves from browning and preventing Spider Mites. 


Due to their large size potential, they will need to be repotted 1x a year. Use containers with a drain hole at the bottom, the key is to allow excess water to run off rather than sit and rot the roots. It's also necessary for a yearly soil flushing. This is where you will take the plant outside or in your bathtub and run water for 10 min or so allowing the water to flush our build up salts and minerals. 

Common Pests:

The most persistent pest(s) that tend to show up are Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, and Thrips. Although, we have found Thrips and Spider Mites aren't as interested in the Memoria Corsii variety as they are more fond of the "Camille" Dieffenbachia. A weekly inspection of the leaves will allow you to catch them early. You can treat them with a horticulture soap spray, or a weekly Neem oil leaf shine.


If the leaves are yellowing then that is a sign they are either being over watered or over fertilized. If the leaves are browning then they could be getting too much sun, so moving them to a different location should do the trick. 


Weekly maintenance will help keep your plant in good health, and allows you to inspect their leaves. All you do is take a paper towel with a small amount of diluted Neem oil, and wipe each individual leaf and stems of the plant. That's a great opportunity to look for pests and catch them early. Always remove yellow or dying leaves as this will prevent hiding places for Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats (as this creates fungus that the larvae eat) and Thrips. At least 1x a year, repot the plant to prevent your plant from becoming root bound. This will stunt the plants growth. Try size up to where the pot is 1-2 inches wider and/or deeper then the prior pot it's in. Another great thing is every 6 months or at-least 1x a year, take the plant to the bathtub or if you have a yard, let the water run over the soil and let it flush out for 10 min or so. This is crucial as this will flush out built up salts and minerals that can burn the roots and cause nutrient deficiencies over time. 


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