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Tropical apartment greenhouse and hydroponics system

How to Make Green Choices for Your Houseplants

How to reduce a houseplant's footprint.

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Earth Day 2021: how to regrow grocery store produce

How to turn grocery store produce into a garden

There are so many different types of produce that you can regrow from the grocery store.
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Growing an edible vertical garden on an apartment balcony or small space

How to Start a Garden

Our how-to guide for starting a garden, especially in an apartment, on a balcony, or in another small space.
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Plant Trends 2021 design with rare tropical plants

2021 Houseplant Trends and Inspo

These are the plants that we know you'll be seeing everywhere in 2021!
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Sago Palm with new leaf

Plant Pots | How to Choose the Right Container

Here’s a breakdown of key things to keep in mind while choosing a container.
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